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Qantas finds steering fault in Airbus

By: Alethia Tiang, Singapore
Published: Feb 13, 2012


Singapore - Qantas had to abort two take-off attempts of its Singapore-bound Airbus A380 jumbo jet at Heathrow airport in London.

A Qantas representative told the media that pilots abandoned the first take-off while the plane was moving slowly along the runway. When it was returned to the bay, engineers identified a steering problem.

The airline issued a statement saying the fault caused the plane to divert from its intended path. However, they confirmed that the aircraft did not leave the runway, nor did it veer onto the grass.

In its statement, Qantas said the aircraft returned to bay as a safety precaution. A spokeswoman reportedly said the second take-off was also abandoned as a precautionary measure.

After multiple checks by engineers, the aircraft departed safely and without incident.

Flight QF10 eventually left at 2am London time.

Earlier in the week, Qantas announced that it grounded one of its A380s for a week after discovering 36 cracks in its wings.

The flight had reportedly had 435 passengers on board at that time.


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