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Airbus A380s flagged for checks

By: Alethia Tiang, Global
Published: Feb 10, 2012


Global - Europe's aviation safety authorities have issued a notice to all airlines requiring them to get their Airbus A380 aircraft checked for possible cracks in the brackets inside the wings.

The European Aviation Safety Agency told Boston Globe that all seven airlines operating the A380 will now be required to inspect their planes for the hairline fissures within the next six weeks. 

The safety agency plans to extend the requirement to all 68 Airbus A380s in operation, regardless of their age, Wall Street Journal reported.

The notice was issued after Qantas decided to grounded one of its A380s when it found 36 cracks in its wings.

Airbus has been reported to be providing kits to allow airlines to remove the faulty brackets and replace them with new ones. The aircraft manufacturer, however, maintains that the cracks will not affect the safe operation of the plane.

Reuters reported that South Korea's national carrier Korean Air will also be carrying checks on its A380s.

Singapore Airlines have been reportedly carrying out precautionary inspections since it first found cracks in its planes in January.


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